Basic Method Statement Template

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There are no official rules as to what a Method Statement Template should contain, the example method statement template below contains the most common items, from site information and description of works, tools and manpower as well as first aid and welfare arrangements.

The main area is the description of the work method, ideally this should be written by the person supervising the work and kept to simple bullet points so that the method statement can be used as a tool box talk so everyone concerned fully understands the work sequence.

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The template below covers the main areas that are required.

Method Statement

(Safe System of Work)

Contract Name:



Keep Records

Description of Works:

(Main objective)

Describe the Work

Expected Start and End Dates:

Assessment Date:

Assessed By:

Approved By:

Associated Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:-

( Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments etc)

Add the relevant safety and environmental assessment info here, Attach these documents if required.

Contract Supervision & Training:-

( Supervisor/s and Current Certification/training)

List the training and experience of the supervisor/s



( Number of persons)(If Required List All Labour and their trades)

How Many? and what will they be doing?

Plant, Tools & Equipment:-

(List all)


(Ensure COSHH completed if reqd.)

List all including voltages of powered tools

List any brand name/generic products such as paints

Welfare Facilities :

(Toilets, Washing Facilities & Drinking Water)

First Aid Facilities:

(First Aider, Location of First Aid Box)

What are the agreements, or will you supply your own unit?

First Aid Box is Located where?

Who is the First Aider?

Work Method

(Key steps & stages of the work required)

    List the work sequence in order of operations

Briefing or Tool Box Talk record

(This method statement should be used to brief all persons involved in the works. They should add their name and signature to show they have received and understood this method statement.)






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