Method Statement Installation of domestic central heating system

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Project Name:

Project Number:

Work Activity: Installation of Central Heating Systems

Work Location: Various


Reference Number: MS-001

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To Complete installation of new domestic central heating systems, including decommissioning and removal of old existing systems in a safe manner.





Welfare and First Aid:

Client premises, first aid carried in vans.

Reducing Risk:

  1. Adherence to company health & safety Policy.
  2. Use of PPE at all times.
  3. Adherence to good house keeping practices.
  4. Ensure training of all staff is carried out.
  5. All gas and electrical work to be carried out by qualified and certified staff only.

Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:

RA001- Slips, Trips & Falls

RA002- Manual Handling

RA003- Soldering Works


COSHH Assessments:-

CO1-Sentinel X100 Inhibitor

CO2-Sentinel X300 System Cleaner

Related Assessments:




The works will be supervised by qualified and experienced persons.


 Staff include fully qualified Electricians, and CORGI registered Gas fitters( Gas Safe Registered)


Average 1-2 per House


Plant / Equipment:

Battery powered drills, saw, and screwdrivers.

Hand tools

Pipe Benders


Blow Lamps for soldering

Full PPE




Work Method:

On Arrival at clients home we would discuss in detail what works will be carried out and in the order it will be carried out.

·         Lease with customer to confirm working hours, final position of radiators, discuss isolation of the existing gas and electrical services, and to inform home owner of the potential hazards.

·         Floor boards lifted where required locating drain points, attaching hose pipes and discharge into suitable drain.

·         Isolate water supplies to the existing system.

·         Lay dust sheets and other appropriate protection; remove redundant materials such as radiators, old pipes.

·         Lift carpets if required, floorboards etc and install new pipework, floor joists notched or drilled to take new pipe.

·         Run the new pipework, soldering where required (ensure that fire extinguisher available and that no flammable material near soldering points).

·         Connect all new pipes to radiators and valves.

·         Install new boiler along with flue as required (care and attention when determining location of the boiler and flue.)Connect the flue pipe and seal with plaster/sand and cement mix.

·         Connect the new pipework from the radiators to the boiler.

·         Reconnect the hot & cold services.

·         Isolate gas pipework from the meter after carrying out soundness test, run and connect the new gas supply as per CORGI regulations and connect supply to the new boiler.

·         Carry out soundness test and purge gas from meter, ensuring full ventilation.

·         Connect the boiler and its controls to the electrical supply ensuring that all electrics are isolated and fully tested.

·         Pressure the new system and carry out tests for pressure drop, fill system and fully test hot, cold and radiator circuits.

·         Commission the boiler to manufactures instructions and complete the appropriate paperwork.

·         Heat test the system, test all controls and valves/timers etc.

·         Make good any walls, floors, ceilings disturbed during installation work.


Final stage:-

·         After the new system has been tested to be fully operational, the system will drained and refilled, flushed with cleaner refilled and the inhibitor added.

·         The system and its controls will then be demonstrated to the home owner ensuring that they are aware of the gas, water, and elec isolation points.

·         The site will be cleaned of any debris.






This method statement will be the subject of a toolbox talk given to all personnel involved with the work activity.



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